``CLIMUX VITALEMEN gave me something back I thought I had lost.``

“MY PHARMACIST recommended CLIMUX VITALEMEN after I complained about my lack of energy and feeling tired all the time. I always juts thought this was part of getting older and the stress of work and 2 kids at University. He explained it was not just another Vitalemen but specifically for men over 40.

It’s been such a revelation, I am back at the gym and seeing my body get back into shape, my energy is up and I feel better than I did in my 30’s. If anything I think my wife would like to say thank you for my new found vigour. Thank you for giving me back something I thought I had lost….”


If you’ve just not been feeling in the mood lately… or have you hit the pause button on your partner? Go from pause to play with Climux VitaleFemme, a daily supplement that supports a healthy quality of life in Pre and Post menopausal woman. Climux VitaleFemme, an exciting change to your change of life.

All CLIMUX products are available at DISCHEM and leading pharmacies.

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